Friday, January 11, 2008


Ted is one of the flea market kitties and while there are times he really aggravates me, in general, he's terribly entertaining. This morning I went out into the back fields with the two dogs and the sheep to work Gel for a bit before I went to work. Ted went along with us. Those poor sheep, not only do they have to move when Gel asks them to, they need to avoid the puppy (who is more afraid of them than they are of her) and whatever cat chooses to get in their way. Yes, the sheep will run from a cat.

One of Ted's favorite hang-out places is in the duck pen. I imagine he samples their food (carbo junky!) but he's also there in an attempt to catch one of the birds who fly in for the duck food. I don't know if he's been successful or not, but he tries. He also will sometimes chase the ducks. Ted is a terror, no doubt about that.

Last night, Fern (the puppy) learned a new trick: take a flying leap and land on Mom's lap while she's sitting on the couch. This is not a trick that I'm going to support as dogs are not allowed on the furniture unless invited. The first time she jumped in my lap, I let her stay up there for a while. Ted was lying next to me at the time. Fern will not let the opportunity to mess with a cat pass her by, so she started in on Ted. Of all the cats, Ted can handle Fern the best. When he's had enough of her, he grabs hold of her head with his two paws and bites her nose or ears until she cries uncle.

Poor Fern, Gel rarely plays with her so she's forced to play cat games. She's going to grow up into a very confused creature: am I a dog or a cat?

I don't know how anyone lives without the marvelous entertainment I receive on a daily basis.

I broke down and put Raising Cats Naturally back up on Amazon. The book gets good exposure on Amazon so I guess it's worth the fee that Amazon takes off every sale. I offer it for sale as a reseller rather than allowing it to be sold directly through Amazon because Amazon had the bad habit of loosing any books I shipped to them.