Monday, January 07, 2008

Compliments and Good Reports

I get e-mails from people quite frequently asking questions about their cats, well really, asking for help with their cats' health problems. Sometimes I can help, unfortunately, often, I cannot. I love it when my advice helps the caregiver and the cat and when they e-mail me back and let me know of the good ending.

I received this e-mail today:

Hi Michelle,

You emailed me to answer some questions awhile back about my cat who had had 2 blocked urinary episodes. He's been on canned food plus a little added water since then (late Oct) and knock on wood is doing OK so far. A lot more pee which is good.

I had some time to really sit down and read through your book over the holidays (I have 4 young kids so reading doesn't always happen when I want it to!) and I just wanted to tell you it is EXCELLENT. It's straightforward, to the point, full of relevant information, and you obviously really know your stuff.

My sister, who raises grass fed beef, was amazed you knew the difference in makeup between conventionally raised beef and grass fed - not too many people are up on that.

Anyway, my copy is going back to the library to day so I ordered your book, this is a reference I will always want on my bookshelf. I will keep you posted on how my cat does - keep your fingers crossed!

Karen Pedersen

I was pleasantly surprised to discover my book made it to the shelves of a public library! I was concerned in October and November when my book sales seemed off. It isn't about the royalty payments, although the extra money helps feed my cats, I was concerned that people were no longer interested in natural cat care. Right after the pet food scare, my sales went way up. I wonder how many people are actually following the diet or still feeding a raw diet to their cats. I hope all of them.