Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Review

I recently received good review of Raising Cats Naturally. Yea! The book continues to sell well, which is of course, good for me, but it's also good for cats because it means their caregiver is considering better care for them. I hate to think of all the cats eating dry food and being sick from it. They can't talk, so often they can't express how they feel. I know how I feel after eating crap food. I wouldn't wish that on anyone (well, most anyone).

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have been bad about keeping this blog up to date ... primarily because I've been maintaining a puppy blog, yes, me, with a litter of puppies! If you had asked me six months ago if I'd ever breed a litter of Border Collies I'd tell you, absolutely not. It was hard enough getting cats into natural rearing homes, never mind a breed of dog that usually doesn't make a good pet.

Well, Gel took matters into his own paws on June 9. Midge, a female (bitch) I purchased from a breeder in Idaho was going through a silent heat (cats are not silent while in heat!). Gel knew she was in heat and Midge decided Gel would make a good partner and I came out the morning of June 9, after putting them out for just a few minutes while I was packing up my car to go to a herding trial, and found them tied, with huge smiles on their faces.

Now, could it have happened that Midge didn't take or that she'd only have a couple of puppies? Nope, she delivered nine, yes, nine puppies on August 7. One died at birth and three more got tangled up in the sheets I had in the whelping box and suffocated (while I was at work), so we are down to a manageable five puppies.

Despite myself, I am enjoying it. It is very different from bringing up cats. Check it out. When I have a few minutes, I'll make this Blog as pretty as that one is.