Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crazy Cats!

This morning I was in the back pastures with a friend of mine working our Border Collies on sheep. Now, you'd think certain cats would know enough to stay out of the way of sheep moving off Border Collies. Not Ted and Nettie. Both of them were out there with us. You've heard of running with the bulls? Well Nettie and Ted run with sheep. Ding bats! The sheep are quite curious about the cats and when they are out grazing and come upon a cat, they check out the strange creature who isn't a sheep. One day, that would make for some very nice photographs.

One of the dogs we were working was dragging a long line and that provided a great source of entertainment for both Ted and Nettie. I wish I could have got a video of it, dog chasing (well, not really chasing, but you get the idea) sheep and cat chasing dog (well, not really chasing the dog, chasing the line attached to the dog). It was quite amusing!