Friday, January 05, 2007

Flea Market Kitties

It is incredible that it’s the beginning of January and 65 degrees with thunderstorms forecasted. Global warming or just a fluke? I remember last December was quite warm. It is nice to be able to sleep with the back door ajar so the cats and come and go as they please. The only downfall with that is that they can hunt and bring their catch in to play with it. Last night Splash (the torti flea market kitty) woke me up by playing hockey with a mouse. Is there a reason why they can’t play with them outside?

You may be wondering why I keep referring to certain cats as “flea market kitties.” Back in June, I went to a local flea market to buy some chickens. I discovered that it was common practice for people to bring kittens to the flea market to give away and those that they don’t give away, they just let go. It is a horrible place for any animal to be left in and for people to leave kittens who are just barely weaned, if indeed they are weaned, to fend for themselves is an atrocious act. Even worst, I’m sure some of those free kittens end up as Pit Bull bait. I paid a young boy $5 for every kitten he caught running loose. I ended up with ten kittens and one adult. I found homes for the adult and five of the kittens. I still have six of them. While it’s a lot of work feeding eleven cats, I don’t regret keeping them.