Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two Blogs!

Being a classic Type-A personality, I’m maintaining two blogs, one on my training experiences with Gel and Kessie and this one for the cats, Gel and Kessie. Trying to keep this blog free from dog content and the other free from cat content.

The cats are all doing well. The project this week is to clear out, defrost and clean my freezer. I made a huge error in judgment this weekend, didn’t get rabbits thinking I’d have a supply of venison scraps, only to find out the lady who was supposed to save me the venison scraps forgot. Oh well, if we run out of meat, the cats will have to hunt to feed themselves. Hopefully that won’t happen because hungry cats are no fun to live with. I cut back on their rations a bit the past few days and they are expressing their displeasure by tripping me whenever I walk in the kitchen. Eleven cats can do a pretty good job of creating an obstacle course for a not-so-agile human.