Monday, January 22, 2007

Feline Future

I visited the Feline Future web site today. I hadn’t been there for some time. They’ve redesigned it, yet again, and added several new products: liver powder (for those people who cannot source raw liver!), a kitten formula and catnip.

First of all, who cannot source raw liver? What will be next, powdered meat for those people who cannot source meat? They’ve already substituted raw egg yolk with powdered, supplemental Taurine, which should come from heart or other muscle meat and a mineral mix for calcium, which should come from raw bone. Soon they’ll be offering a complete powdered composition of a raw diet – all you need to add is water. And “kitten” food? Whatever happened to a diet that was appropriate for all aspects of a cat’s life, as a properly prepared raw food diet should be? I noted that the kitten formula is complete with powdered liver. I expect it’s likely the same formula as their regular Instincts TC (with the added powdered liver), just labeled for kittens. Pet food manufacturers have the general public brainwashed with their different formulas.

I guess I missed the bandwagon: should have got into the business of preparing raw cat food.