Friday, February 02, 2007

Flea Market Kitties

The Flea Market Kitties were all spayed/neutered on Wednesday. Mother Nature was kind enough to deliver a snow storm on Thursday so I was able to be home with them during their recovery. The Catawba Valley Humane Society provides a wonderful service. You can get any size or sex cat or dog spayed or neutered for $57.00. That’s a bargain, especially when you are taking six at a time. I hated putting them through that trauma, but they all seem to be none the worst for wear.

Now I can enjoy them without worrying about the females getting pregnant and Ted spraying. It’s going to take a while for Ted’s hormones to settle down. He still thinks he’s “the man.” Kessie didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let her wrestle with Nettie or Ted yesterday.

I unsubscribed from all the raw-feeding, natural health Yahoo Groups lists I was reading from time to time. I have enough aggravation in my life that I cannot avoid without reading those lists. I remember a time when I loved e-mail lists, but today, I don’t hold much stock in them. People write me on a daily basis asking for help, which they get; I don’t need to be offering it on a mailing list. It takes too much time and effort and having access to e-mail and joining a mailing list seems to give lots of people the license to be rude. Life is too short. I’d rather play with my cats, dogs and sheep.