Thursday, January 11, 2007

Carbs and Dry Food

It is a never ending source of entertainment reading the posts on the Fancier’s list. One lady posted that she thought Iams and Eukanuba were some of the worst manufacturers available today. Of course, I agree with her, but many breeders feed both brands of dry cat food and of course swear by them … or do they really? I know many mix various brands of dry foods together and then offer them to their cats. They apparently don’t trust that one brand is truly 100 percent nutritionally complete. Good thinking on their part.

There is a prolific poster on the Fanciers’ list from New Zealand who seems to have an answer to every question posted. She insisted that Iams and Eukanuba were good foods and went on to say that she mainly looks at the protein and carbohydrate contents (protein should be high and carbs low) and that a low carb percentage would be 25%. That’s true, although a cat really has no need for carbs in his diet, which apparently she realizes because she went on to say that a natural food might be high in natural grains (corn, rice, etc.) – when cats don’t need foods high in grains.

Hmmmm, cats don’t need foods high in grains? Well what the heck are the primary ingredients in Iams and Eukanuba dry foods?

For kicks I wrote the Iams Company to find out the carbohydrate percentages in their dry foods. This analysis is not included on their product labels. They range from 30.68 percent to as high as 43.54 percent. The formula containing 43.54 percent is their weight control!

When will they ever get it right? Cats cannot properly utilize carbohydrates, they convert excess carbohydrates to fat. A weight reduction food should be high in protein, not carbohydrates.