Thursday, January 04, 2007

I am blessed

Absolutely nothing exciting is going on as far as the cats go. The flea market kitties will all get spayed and neutered this month. It has been unseasonably warm throughout December and now January and I’m surprised none of them have gone into heat yet. Ted (the only male) is hoping, but so far, his attentions have been rebuffed. Too bad there wasn’t a market for naturally raised flea market kitties as it likely would be a pleasure bringing up kittens from this group.

Last night I went to the local game processing plant and brought home three-five gallon buckets of venison scraps and bones. Gel thought it was absolutely fabulous and enjoyed stealing bits and pieces of venison while I packed it up in zip lock bags. I am blessed with this source of virtually free meat. The owner’s payment for saving these scraps: a case of Coors Light beer. We also get some processed venison during hunting season, but I have to pay money for that.

Via my cats, dogs and my interests in raising them naturally and herding, I’ve met the nicest people. From Judy and Roger Bustle (whom I get my rabbits from), Wally and Laura McSwain (the goat people), the lady I get my venison from (Deanna) and various other people, I am truly blessed.