Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Commitment to Write

I am attempting to turn over a new leaf before the New Year is here. Might as well start early! The goal is to update NRN more frequently. I have elected to go with Blogger vs. continuing to keep NRN at updated because it’s easier to add to posts at Blogger and archiving is a lot easier. When I have a few minutes – maybe over Christmas weekend, I’ll change the template at Blogger to match the NRN template.

Before I play around with the web site here, I need to finish that of my good friend, Wally McSwain at McSwain Boer Goats. I met Wally in April of last year when I bought seven goats from him. Since then we’ve become wonderful friends. Wally and his wife are wonderful people. They care for their animals like I do and that makes them okay in my book. Wally should have some baby goats to play with by Christmas weekend as well.

Everyone at the “farm” is good. We will soon have a new addition, a second Border Collie named Kessie. A puppy I bought from a breeder in Connecticut. Hopefully Kessie will arrive in North Carolina on December 29.

The other resolution I’m going to try to keep up with is taking photographs. On Sunday, I took a bunch of pictures and remembered how much I love to take photographs. Wally bought a llama at the auction on Thursday so I went over to take photographs of her and of his newly constructed birthing stalls for his goats. Gel was more than happy to help positioning the llama, Shelby, for photographs.