Thursday, December 21, 2006

Commitment to Take Photographs

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am also making the commitment to take more photographs. This past Sunday was beautiful! Almost 70 degrees and sunny. Unfortunately, the upcoming weekend is going to be horrible, rain, rain, rain. Not conducive for taking photographs. I don't like how Blogger handles photographs so I put a page up on Blakkatz of some of the photos I took on Sunday.

The weekend will give me the opportunity to try out my new oil cloth slicker and hat. I’ve always wanted an Australian slicker and I found a local store that sold them. It was a Christmas present to me.

Going to herding trials and having to go outside no matter what the weather has forced me to invest in quality weatherproof clothing.

Last night while on the phone with a friend, one of my black cats (I have two, both females. They have names, Zoe and Zest, but I can’t tell who’s who so they are either referred to as the Z Sisters or the Black Girls.) came in through the cat door dragging a rat the size of a squirrel! I freaked! Luckily it was dead. That must have been quite a fight. One or both of the black girls is an amazing hunter. They are always dragging something in. Why they can’t eat it outside is beyond me. I prefer not to come home to feathers all over the kitchen, but what can you do. Cats are cats and they hunt. Luckily mine eat what they catch.

These rescue kitties have been an absolute delight. I’ll get them all spayed and neutered in January. I need to stop buying outerwear and save my pennies for that expense. They are delightful, but they are eating me out of house and home! The bunch of them (I have eleven cats, six random bred rescues and five purebreds) will consume two small rabbits in one meal. Luckily it’s venison season so I have that to round out the rabbit supply. I go through forty pounds of rabbit every two weeks. It’s a tremendous amount of work cleaning and grinding that many rabbits, but I couldn’t imagine feeding them any other way.

Those cats, they make me laugh every day. When I take Gel outside to play with his Frisbee or Kong, they run after him while he’s running after his toy. If I have a cat on my lap and he comes for attention, they get on his head and kiss his ears. Not sure what the attraction with the ears is about. If I have the goats and sheep out, they have no fear of them. They either run along with them (a/k/a running with the bulls) or help Gel herd. Oh, herding ducks can be quite difficult for Gel with the cats charging in scattering them in all directions.

Life is not boring at my house.