Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Feline Fitness

I am periodically hired to write articles for Animal Wellness Magazine. Recently I was asked to write an article for their specialty publication due out in April, Feline Wellness. The topic is "Feline Fitness." I cannot talk in any depth about diet, toys, clicker training or feline agility. That sort of limits my options. Let's see, the best way to keep your cat in shape is to let a couple of live mice loose in your house on a daily basis and make him hunt for his food. We know that won't fly. Ted would vote for letting birds loose in the house, he's much more into hunting birds these days.

There are several companies that make specialty cat fencing and enclosures. One such company is called Cat Fence-in and I'm sure their product works quite well, but darned, it's expensive. There's a house on a busy road that I go by on my way to agility that has much of their property fenced in with Cat Fence-in. I can only imagine what it cost. My cats are lucky that they can go outside in relative safety. I can talk about cat containment systems in my article.

I know that when I eat food that is inappropriate for me (i.e. Big Macs or the like) I feel like crap and don't want to exercise. I can imagine cats on kibble feel the same way. Even though my cats are a bit on the chunky side these days, they are all quite active. Sometimes too active! They are all rotten beasts!

So, I need to get my butt in gear and write that darned article and get it over with. Wish they'd let me write on something that would be more fun for me.